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 in response to CATLUV...   Hello, I just stumbled upon this place but am in desparate need of help. I have $1400 in school tuition that is due on Monday. It is already way late, I could got to court if I don't pay it. I have been trying hard for the past few months to pay this off with my minimum wage job. But school has been too much. I have tried donating plasma to make up the extra cash but I can hardly feed myself so I never pass the physicals no matter how hard I try. (I splurge on salad right before and the night before as well but my hematocrit remains low because I don't get enough nutrients on a daily basis) I have literally tried every loan possible and have been refused over and over. I would be happy to pay this back this summer when I can devote more time to work...PLEASE help me!! I am desparate and I'll take any help at all!
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 in response to ravi.m...   ? Are you asking about a loan as in a money loan? Unfortunately that sort of thing is not offered here ... the only place i can think of that would offer a loan would be a bank or those fast money lending places. Most people here are barely surviving financially and can barely afford to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads, if that.
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